Foursquare is a trending social media network with over 6 million users. You can claim your venue on Foursquare to generate targeted traffic for your website and get more customers.

foursquareAs a website owner you should keep looking for ways to get targeted traffic to generate more revenue. The website needs to be discoverable to get more visits. People prefer to shop from a place that is located nearby or which has mentioned its shop or outlet so that they can contact the sellers if they need any reassurance or any other kind of help. Businessmen are now using Foursquare to update their geo-location to attract more customers and website visitors who lie in close vicinity. Here are some tips to help you use Foursquare for building website traffic.

Get a venue

You need to own your venue on Foursquare to get started. By claiming a venue on the website, you can update information about you brand or the website that you want to promote. You can offer people incentives to visit your website by creating a venue and customizing it accordingly. Owning a venue gives you the privilege of making instant offers and promotions to engage your customers.

Engage targeted Foursquare users

To make your business successful, you need to engage your current users and attract more. Foursquare allow you to interact with your customers in real-time. You can introduce a poll, generate a questionnaire, or share some valuable information about an event or a location to keep your customers engaged and offer them interesting games and trivia.

Offer specials

Keep track of your customers and sort out the loyal ones. You can reward loyalty by offering them a special deal. You can use this attract new customers by specifying how many check-ins are required to earn a special. The Special Icon from Foursquare can help you in getting more website visitors by offering specials.

Promote Check-ins

Allowing your customers to check-in can generate targeted traffic for your website. Daily 86% of Foursquare users check into places. This can provide you free publicity as people tell their friends and colleagues that they visited your outlet. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies among modern social media users.

Share tips

You can utilize Foursquare tips to get more traffic. Sharing a valuable tip in a creative post can attract a lot of visitors. You can share a simple tip about something interesting and get a heavy buzz of traffic. Keep sharing new tips every once in a while to keep users busy and engaged. People will like to visit your website for more tips and information and hence you’ll have more website traffic without any paid ads.

Foursquare has over 6 million users and the number is increasing every day. You can direct these users to your website and get more traffic by making use of the automated tools and widgets of the social media website. It is an effective method of generating website traffic free of cost. All you need to do is create your own venue and actively share tips and offer specials. Engage your customers on Foursquare and get a stream of customers directed your way.

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