Online marketing plays an important role in promoting a business. Website traffic can make or break a business. Thanks to social media it is possible to increase the number of daily website visitors. Social media marketing requires the proper usage of tools and techniques to generate targeted traffic for a website. LinkedIn is one of the most effective online marketing tools available.


The website is full of potential clients and important business decision makers still somehow it gets overlooked when it comes to social media marketing. Here are some tips to help you utilize your LinkedIn account to promote your website.

  1. Create an attractive profile: Human eye is instinctively drawn to attractive things. To attract people to your profile, you need to build up a good one. Complete your profile and fill in all the necessary details. Also add interests to your profile so people won’t think you’re a robot. The more qualified and interesting you appear on your profile, the more interested people will be in checking your website.
  2. Increase your connections: A good profile has a large number of first-degree connections. The more people you connect with, more likely it will be for your site link to get exposure. Connect with people who have similar interests or are in the same profession. It will help you grow the traffic to your site. Start off with at least 500 connections for the purpose of promoting your website. Keep growing your contact list in order to get more visits to your site.
  3. Update your status regularly: In order to get noticed in the LinkedIn community, it is important to update your status 4-5 times a week. The more updated your profile is, the more likely it is to get attention. Updating your status with thoughtful and website oriented posts will generate more traffic for your website.
  4. Join related groups: The ‘groups you may like’ feature of LinkedIn makes it easy to find groups relevant to your field. You can join groups and participate in the discussions actively. Answer the questions with thoughtful responses and leave a link to your website for further information. You can also start your own discussion to promote your website and get increased number of targeted visitors. It is very effective in building website traffic.
  5. Use the LinkedIn plugin on your site: LinkedIn offers a few plugins that can increase website traffic. Adding these to your website will allow people to share your website’s content on LinkedIn and it will provide effortless marketing to your website.

LinkedIn can boost up your website traffic in a matter of weeks if you know how to use it. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can generate targeted traffic for your website. It can be very beneficial in promoting your business if you are willing to sacrifice some time to manage your LinkedIn profile. Participation in discussions will make you noticeable in the community and it will help you get a surge of targeted traffic to your website.

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