Social bookmarking can promote your business and generate thousands of targeted visitors for your website in a matter of days. A few tactics can help you build targeted website traffic to rank up your website.

social-bookmarkingTo make your business profitable you need to generate targeted traffic for your website. Social networking websites allow free website marketing and it’s much more effective that paid ads as the number of social media users is increasing day by day which ensures exposure to a large audience. Networking websites have millions of active users and you can promote your website among them and get a heavy flow a targeted traffic for your website and earn more money. The tactics are easy and help in generating thousands of new website visitors.

Most popular social networking websites include Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and GooglePlus. To use their features for enhancing your image and generating website traffic, you need to join these. You need to put together a strategy to employ these websites for free marketing. Joining a social network doesn’t just magically increase your website’s ranking. You need to set up a good profile to get noticed in the community. Add relevant information about yourself and the website you are marketing, add some informative pictures and banners to your profile to let people know who you are.

Website marketing via social bookmarking depends on the type of content you post. It’s the quality of the content you post that matters and not the quantity. Sharing content that you have copied from other sources will not be beneficial in generating more website traffic. People like to read new stuff and posting the same old will not make your profile look attractive. Whenever you post some content, make sure the first paragraph is interesting enough to appeal the reader to go through the whole article. Also high quality content will increase your ranking in search engine results which helps in getting more website visitors.

Whatever content you post, add a short description about it to display in the sideline. Whether it’s an image, a video or an informative article, include a catchy description of around 150-200 characters to let people know what the whole thing is about. A catchy description is more likely to generate targeted traffic. An informational description box makes the reader curious and urges him to read the whole text. When you post on the networking websites, the content already becomes available to be read, liked, shared and tweeted by the users.

It works a little different way when you add some new content to your own website. To make it discover-able in your target market, add social bookmarking buttons and widgets to your website. You can easily get widgets for your website to let people ‘share’, ‘like’, ‘tweet’, ‘pin’, ‘Plus one’ and repost your content. If people like your content, they will share it on their profile and it will generate more website traffic in return. You can also cooperate with other website owners for reciprocal marketing. You can offer to follow their content and vote for it and in return they can share your web page and promote your website. It is very common nowadays and is one of the most effective strategies for marketing using social bookmarking.

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