The launch of Panda and Penguin updates shook the website rankings. In order to retain the top rankings in Google results, webmasters need to change and update their SEO strategy accordingly to gain Google’s appreciation.

Google-PenguinDrawing a large number of targeted visitors to your site is necessary to make the business successful. SEO has always helped in getting a higher ranking in Google search results. But with the launch of Panda and Penguin updates by Google, the webmasters got shocked as it had a great impact on the ranking of websites and brought down even SEO sites.  Google Panda update altered the search results to a great extent and the Search Engine Optimization strategy was forced to change in order to get back to the old top ranks in Google search and to get targeted traffic.

To handle this situation, webmasters are using new tactics to build links and to boost up website rankings. Some beneficial changes in the SEO strategy that are effective in increasing the rankings are:

Quality Content

Quality content is one of the basic attributes of Search Engine Optimization. If the stuff you post doesn’t include valid information and contains no keywords, it’s not going to be counted as ‘quality content’. To produce good, engaging content, you need to look for commonly searched keywords and use them in the content you post. In post Panda world, it is important to pay heed to SEO strategy and use proper keywords and avoid any typos or grammatical errors in the content.

Efficient Website Design

Panda focuses on the user experience of the website and gives a better rank to those having a simple and easy to navigate website structure. The website should be simple and provide information to the user in a friendly manner. Clear communication helps the user and will draw him back to your website in the future. The site design should not be too messy that it scares the visitor away. Easy interaction and a user friendly website experience give it an edge over other websites related to the same topic.

Quality Link Building

The quality of backlinks is given much consideration by the Google’s ranking algorithms. Quality link building is important for creating a better impression. To score a top position in Google results, you should get natural backlinks for your websites with a relevant domain. A link build up with some effort can boost up your site’s ranking.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is helping bloggers and webmasters in increasing the sit rankings. Sharing data on social media indicates that the public likes your content. With increasing number of shares on social media websites, your site will get a large stream of targeted traffic. Outreaching to the people and posting interesting content related to your website on social media sites influences the target market and increases the number of daily visits. Staying active on social media has a positive impact on the site ranking in Google.

It is necessary to understand the changes in Google’s algorithms and how they affect website rankings. Search Engine Optimization requires that the webmasters understand how Google changes its strategy to satisfy the customers. In this post Panda web, SEO survival tips are even more important to boost up site ranking and to get targeted traffic.

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