Website traffic can either make or break your business. The more visits your website gets, more likely it is for your business to grow online. Probably the best thing about website traffic is that you can build it easily free of cost. All it requires is a little bit of work and you can boost up the traffic drawn to your website. Here are some tips for free website traffic building.

SEO Friendly content

Driving TrafficMake your website search engine friendly. Search engine optimization can boost your website’s ranking.  Submit your website to various search engines like Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. It’ better to list your website in as many directories as possible to increase the exposure.

Participate in online discussions

Know your target market and look for online discussion platforms and forum where the people in your target market like to gather and discuss the matters. Participate in those discussions and give a link to your website for more information. But do not post the link on each and every forum; people may get irritated by continuous comments with links.

Comment on blog posts

Look for blog posts that are related to the topics on your website and make thoughtful comments on these posts. Add an insightful comment about the issue being discussed and leave the link to your website. It will act as a permanent source to bring traffic to your site. A helpful comment will make people want to click on the link to get more information.

Create blog posts

Create a blog and post entries related to your website, and you can add a link to your website. Interesting blog posts will attract people in your target market. It will generate targeted website traffic and increase the number of daily visitors.

Post informative articles

Write creative articles on topics that relate to your website and post these on various article directories. Include a link to your website in your author bio and let the articles go viral. Posting informative articles about the topics will make people think of you as an expert and will visit your website for more information on the topic of interest.

Use keywords accurately

Accurate usage of keywords in the website content will help build up traffic. People use keywords to search for related content. Look for the most popular relevant keywords for your content and include them in your title to make it appealing to the target market. Give your articles an interesting, engaging title so that people would want to read what’s inside.

Building website traffic requires a little toil on your part but it doesn’t have to be costly if you take the right approach. Focus on your main topic and participate actively in discussion forums related to it. Helpful comments and suggestions will make people value your opinion and they will turn to your website for more tips. Blog posts will make you sound friendly and informative about the topic. It is very effective in bringing targeted traffic to a website and helps in getting more visitors to the site.

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